Shiba Inu

Shiba INU – Short Seller Attack?!

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  1. It’s not alleging, I’ve said it for months! My belief is that Whales and “trading platforms” are raping small investors ! It’s criminal and needs to be addressed!!! Robinhood sort of woke up after retail investors started flinging law suits, and no doubt they are stalling offering shib on their platform. They are loading up on shib so that they don’t lose out in the end. Every small investor needs to know that the collusion is between whales and trading platforms!

  2. Very very bad !!! Imagine the whole Shib Army fam start selling and selling , what will going to happen ?? The whole Shib Market will crash down. We should inspire the whole fam to HODL otherwise it will never increase and it will stay 0,000025 and 0, 0000035

  3. I hold tight to my Shiba ! Like everyone else…we ran on lower volume yesterday…so
    If that’s what there have to do to get attention , ppl
    will realize and and ban this company..
    It’s realy bad news burni think more for them.

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