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Shiba Inu Coin SHIB OWNED By Jeff Bezos & Amazon | SHIBA'S SECRET PLAN

Shiba Inu Coin SHIB OWNED By Jeff Bezos & Amazon

Shiba Inu is the meme coin generated by a race of hunting dogs in Japan in August 2020. The coin’s founder is unidentified and often called “Ryoshi.” However, Shiba Inu has been called the “doge killer” since its creation and saw amazing development in a short period. The Shiba Inu project is marked as a decentralized community-building endeavor. The Shib token was the first token on ShibaSwap to be listed and encouraged. The Shiba ecosystem is swapped for Decentralized. Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi has blocked 50 percent of the Shiba tokens on Uniswap to ensure users the legitimacy of this project. The founder also gave 50% of its token to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-creator. These efforts were taken to ensure that anyone who desired to be a member of the Shiba community was given the token fairly. In addition, these methods ensure that no member of the developer’s team can possess or dump the Shib token on customers if the token price increases.

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  1. Shiba inu coin has the best potential to become a champion token in the rewarding system in the retail market and donations token for charities. It can be promoted as a crypto rewarding token with travel and tourism agencies , Airlines, cruise ships , hotels and restaurants, supermarkets such as ASDA UK , Walmart, Sports retailers like Decathlon, sports direct etc , also with Amazon, EBay , Google,IPhone app store , banks , fuel retailers such as Shell etc . people who make a specific amount in purchase in designated retail sector can earn 10-1000 shib coin in rewards
    in NGO charity sector , it can be promoted among red cross , British heart foundation, age UK and similar organisations in other countries , UNICEF and others . people can donate their shiba token to these organisations . take this message to shiba Army and promote this idea . So that shiba will become one of the best social crypto on the market , and will sertfke its value between 01-1 dollars as the time goes on

  2. You started with a flat out lie like most of these idiots on youtube making videos on crypto , are you not smart enough to find actual facts or are you just to lazy so you thought it would be easyer to just make stuff up ? Or do you just like deceiving your viewers ??

  3. What's the hell !!!! Fake news again! Stop this bs! Shiba Inu keep going down now I lost 2/3 of my investment in Shiba Inu ….but I hold on ….to the moon….what is a joke??? I paid over $2300 for 119 millions Shiba Inu on May/14/2021 now it worth only $755….to the moon… really??? What's a joke??? Come on … totally lies and lies

  4. People wake up! These videos are all bullshit!!! @ 1:07, there's a dude cutting up coke. These videos are making monkeys out of all of us. That's a subliminal tactic!!!!! They're making fun of us cause were purchasing crypto like a goddanm drug addict, we're all chasing false ideas like a herion junky chasing a high

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