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State bank aur Pakistan government ki cryptocurrency per mukamal pabandi ki sifarish – Samaa Money

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Digital currect ko regulate karne se mutaliq darkhuwast ki samaat Wednesday ko hui. State bank ki deputy governor Sima Kamil ney 38 pages per mushtamil report jama karwayi. Report mai state bank aur deegar hukumati idaron ney digital currency ghair qanooni qarar dene ki sifarish ki hai. Report mai kaha gaya hai ke yeh aik taswrati karobar hai jo dehshatgardi mai bhi istemal hosakta hai aur money laundering ka bhi khadsha hai.

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  3. Pakistan khabhi bhi mujhy ni lgta k developed hoga ghadoun ko charge dya hoa hy. in ko tax bhi ziada chaiye aur awam ko bhi bachana chaty hien. Saray khatm model hien. in ko kisi ki prwah ni hy na he terrorism ki bil k ye sirf chaty hien k koi dosra hm say ziada na kmay. inshAllah Bahut juld iss mulk say Al wida krain gy👍.

  4. ان لوگوں نے آج تک پے پال جیسی سروسز کو ملک میں چلنے نہیں دیا کریپٹو تو بہت دور کی بات ہے. عوامی مفاد کی کوئی چیز یہ ہونے نہیں دیں گے. جب کوئی کام نہ کرنا ہو تو بہانے ہزار. ہاں عوام منی چینجرز اور ہنڈی والوں سے لٹتی رہے وہ ٹھیک ہے یہ تو ان کے اپنے ہیں.

  5. You guys make good informative video ..but sama finance videos are too lengthy..people don't have this much span of attention. All videos are long over 6 to 8 mins. For reference look at dw news, bbc to follow them ..they make 2-3 mins videos max

  6. We request pm Imran khan sb please think advance crypto is best feature for Pakistan and for Pakistani people if crypto will ban in pakistan then pti government will down by Pakistani people
    Pakistan always zinda bad

  7. Shame on inefficient and useless SBP, FIA and other institutions with no performance in the history of Pakistan. Neither they understand cryptocurrencies nor they want to see people earn through it. Aag laga deni chaiye esy idaron ko. kesa fazool nizaam ha is mulk ka

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