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Pros and Cons of cryptocurrency #prosconscryptocurrency

Pros and Cons of cryptocurrency / pros and cons of cryptocurrency
#prosandconsofcryptocurrency #Prosandconsofcryptocurrency #prosconscryptocurrency
I am going to tell you the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, so you can efficiently decide whether to invest your money in them or not. there are a lot of pros and cons of cryptocurrency:
cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. The regulations help enormously because they make cryptocurrencies more and more accessible and popular. the returns that can be achieved with it are far higher than the interest you would get at a bank. but of course there are also risks. We want to introduce you to all the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies in this video.

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00:44 pros and cons of cryptocurrency
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  1. Excellent content in your video about crypto currency and blockchain. It interesting upon watching this video, thanks for sharing it

  2. What if someone has a gun and robbs you of your phone. Tells you transfer your bitcoin overnight who would stop him or how do you get that money back?

  3. Forgot to mention that cryptocurrency is influencing global warming. China has factories full of computers chugging away at algorithms using tremendous amounts of electricity produced by fossil fuels in an attempt to mine more coins.

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  5. What I don't understand, is if Bitcoin is decentralized currency and its own, then how can you "invest" into currency? Its like saying , " I will invest into US dollar"… The USD does not do ANYTHING by itself, it has to be put to use. So if the Bitcoins is an "investment" then what is it invested in?

  6. Illegal Activity… Oh Boy! That's the worst thing?
    Some real cons:
    All your transactions are public (nature of blockchain), and can be as easily connected with your name and other private data just like your email address
    You don't trust lets say FED, but you trust mr. anonymous, or a single russian guy, or the startup who makes the coin?
    Fixed amount of coins? Because its hard coded? Do you think this can't be changed? (i dont think it will, but technically possible), what about lost wallets? (coins will be lost) what if public/private keypair gets exploited? (lost coins will be stolen/recovered)
    Decentralised network? You forgot to mention the 51% problem. btw Decentralised network does not help/defend against the "owner". Its all about trusting the owner. Owner could technically make any time any change on the code, to move all coins on his address or double the coins, or whatever he/she wants.
    Real cash has no fees, a Bank has fees but also provides some services, btc does not, but has fees.
    Power consumption. PoW… PoW iteself, Proo Of Work, let do the computer unnecessary calculations, generate unnecessary heat and use unnecessary a lot of power, where the real work is about 0.0001%.
    crypto does not have strict security standards like PCI

  7. Well explained and very informative video it really educated me a lot thank you so much sir. New subscriber

  8. very informative and helpful video,learned a lot about cryptocurrency through your video, you covered all the important aspects

  9. As Criptomoedas fazem parte do nosso dia a dia, provavelmente vão continuar por muito tempo gerando dividendos pra muitas pessoas no mundo!

  10. The more informations the better, thanks for sharing your knowledge with the public. Crypto currency is definitelly the future of finances.

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