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My Cryptocurrency is Worth Over 1 Million Dollars | GEMIFY TO THE MOON

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So a few days ago I made my own cryptocurrency named Gemify. My cryptocurrency is now valued at OVER 1 Million dollars! Is Gemify going to the moon???

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  1. You can't sell on your fans, don't dump on those people lol. (Maybe 10%?🤷🏾‍♂️). Nice channel bro!

    But watch out because I'm sure the first to buy are whales now and when they dump you'll get the blame for it.

  2. I regret not getting in yesterday at $0.16…… just entered at $5.60 with my daily DRIP earnings and I'm already at $40 profit lol 😀
    Thanks for the opportunity Joovier 🙂

  3. Sierra Dao is a new project with good possibilities can please say your opinion about this project? I think investing now early maybe be a good time to get in.

  4. Dude, your video is hilarious! ROFL. But then again, your meme coin is tied to you – your personality on social media – and hence a community of people who appreciate that personality of yours will support it regardless of what you have warned. So congrats on the creation of that 8 min Gemify coin. You are Shatashi Joovamoto!

  5. Correction – your cryptocurrency is worth $20,000!! Say it with me people: LIQUIDITY OVER MARKETCAP!! No wonder there aren't more rich people in crypto than there should be. Sheesh!!

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