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HUGE Cardano Network Upgrade Is Here! (Coinbase Platform Has Investors Worried) | BitBoy Crypto

In tonight’s crypto news wrap up, we bring you the latest crypto news stories. First, we get a crypto market update from Frankie Candles. Then, we take a look at veteran trader Jim Chanos shorting Coinbase. Next, we’ll discuss Cardano’s new Plutus update. How did the community react? Finally, we’ll talk about Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s war against inflation.

What We Discuss:
0:19 Frankie Candles
1:34 Coinbase
4:24 Cardano
5:14 War on Inflation

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  3. Is anybody here familiar with cosmos? Osmosis has been an excellent DEX/AMM for a long time now. Can anyone claim cardano has better defi?

  4. Will the price drop any more? I just sold 10,000 ADA a few days ago hoping it would drop more. Nope! Now it hasn't stopped pumping. Do I buy back now at a loss? 💀

  5. Ahhh it's that time of the year again when he starts promoting ADA again. Last year we waited for the contracts . I wonder what's the spike this year

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  7. Ready to boom? It's still down over 60% from its ATH. I'll be glad when it DOES go boom, to about $12

  8. As a Cardano holder at the same time I’ve been a bear since 1.65$ Cardano and called for 75 cents for months, well I’m about to get bullish for the first time and start averaging up Cardano again! 0.5-0.75 is a good range to build positions

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