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Best Business Ideas in the UK – Successful Small Business Ideas

Are you looking for the Best Business Ideas in the UK and earn extra money in 2021?

If so, maybe it’s time to start your own business or side hustle. In this post, we’re going to analyze the 45 best business ideas in the UK in 2021 that you can start as an entrepreneur from practically anywhere. 

The United Kingdom is one of the major economies of the world which drives many other economies as well. In 2020, in the first quarter, the economy grew by 1.3% and this growth is mainly provoked by the manufacturing industry which is growing at a rapid speed, and after that, the service industry is always a constant contributor to the GDP of the country.

Here are some of the best business ideas in the UK that you can start in 2021.

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Home Business Ideas in the UK (2021)

1. Pet Care Services

Were you one of those kids who always dreamed of being a vet when you grew up because you loved animals? If you never made it to vet school, you can still make a living working with your favorite pet.

Pets are often regarded as family members, and the responsibility of caring for those pets is not one that should be taken lightly.

Starting a pet care business is certainly an achievable goal. All you need is a strong knowledge of both animal behavior and business basics.

Remember that people are very protective of their pets, they’re part of the family, and having confidence in your abilities is paramount. You should make a big deal of your qualifications and experience when you are starting out, and always aim to get new customers through client recommendations.

2. Tailoring and Fitting / Alterations

Over a hundred thousand people google for cloth alterations and about one million for a tailor every month. Out of that, someone must be from your area in need of a good quality tailor. You can be that one.

Clothing alterations are tricky. If you’ve got the know-how to take in a dress or take out a suit jacket, then you’ve got the skills to provide a great service. Many people have favorite items of clothing that don’t quite fit and would welcome the chance to be able to wear them for a reasonable fee.

The number of hand-me-down wedding dresses alone would keep you in business. If you’ve got a sewing machine already then all you need to get this business up and running is some effective advertising.

Starting this business on a small scale does not require much investment. Initially, you can provide tailoring and alteration services to customers with one sewing machine and then add more when profit starts coming in.

3. Beauty Salon

Usually, salon owners have a wealth of experience in the beauty industry and are fully qualified, beauty therapists. Many salon owners will also have management training to effectively manage the business. However, if your background is not in beauty, you don’t necessarily have to rule it out.

It is possible to employ a beauty therapist as a day-to-day manager as a partner. One doesn’t have to be a certified make-up artist to start a beauty salon. If you have the basic required skills then you can start a beauty salon and keep learning at every stage of your journey. It is one of the most stable and best business ideas in the UK to make money. 

best business ideas in the UK

You can design your own therapies for glowing skin, anti-aging, and facelifts. This business can also be opened from home, provided you have ample space and privacy for clients. Offering herbal and natural therapies will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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4. Hand-Made Crafts Shop

An excellent low investment small business anyone can start is buying and selling handicrafts. You could bring this plan into action by partnering up with some handicraft artists, pot makers, candle makers, etc.

Lately, a lot of people are utilizing this small-scale business idea to grow to great heights and you can do the same. You can set up this business online as well.

So, you have a good scope to flourish with this model on Etsy, Shopify, or you could even launch your own e-commerce store. This works as a great village business idea too and would help the rural areas grow and gain recognition.

Once again, the market for handicrafts is always high because they are also given away as gifts or used for home and office décor.

5. Home Bakery

A business in food is almost always profitable. The demand for baked items has witnessed a steady increase in the last couple of years. Baked goods offer customers convenience and affordability, and the growing demand has led to a lot of home-bakers and chefs venturing into the bakery business. 

As per a report, the global bakery products market reached a value of almost USD 507.38 billion in the year 2020, making bakeries a highly lucrative restaurant format. Opening a bakery may prove to be one of the best business ideas in the UK considering its craze for bakery items.

If you enjoy baking and want to build your first business around it, you can start this business where you can customize the pricing of the items according to the item specifications. All you have to do is to produce your bakery products, build your menu, receive orders, and deliver them.

6. Candle Making Business

Candle making is a low investment business idea. This business can be started from home also. You need raw material such as mold, material for making wax.

A candle is something that is always in demand in the UK and during festivals, these demands skyrocket. This is what makes it of the very lucrative and best business ideas in the UK.

You can also add fragrances to the candles. Let your creativity and sense of fragrances run wild. Fragrant oils are readily available. With some training and experience, you can make fragrant candles of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Nowadays, such candles are becoming increasingly popular for meditation and relaxation purposes.

7. Dried Flower Business

An individual who enjoys gardening, understands how different types of flowers react to different drying methods, and is looking for a way to make some part-time income may consider operating a dried flower business.

A flower drying business can grow exponentially if you establish yourself in a community as the go-to for decorative plants or sentimental keepsakes.

This business requires selling dried flowers to hobbyists or craft stores. A flower preservation business will save important flowers, like wedding bouquets, for interested parties. Owners may do one or both of these services, but they are separate. 

best business ideas in the UK

Dried flowers do have a demand amongst a variety of people who use them to finish their craft projects. Demand has increased for dried flowers over the past few years, as more people discover easy and fun DIY challenges.

Start-up costs are low, especially if you already have a suitable space for growing your own flowers. Even as a side business this venture has the potential to bring in serious profits.

8. Chocolate Manufacturing at Home

When it comes to chocolate consumption, the UK is one of the main chocolate-consuming countries in Europe, with per-capita consumption of 8.1 KGs per year.

Be it sweet or bitter, chocolate is a mood lifter and stress buster. With some chocolate-making skills and little investment, you can enter into this highly profitable small business.

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You have to develop a product line to start off. All you need are chocolate recipes, utensils, cookware, molds, and packing material to start this business.

Several companies order homemade chocolates to send as gifts to their business associates. Such chocolates are in great demand during festive and wedding seasons too. The investment required for this business is very low.

9. Herb Farming

Whether we are cooking at home or going out to eat, it is clear we love to eat and we are willing to pay for it. Entrepreneurs who are interested in farming can earn a good living by supplying fresh culinary herbs to restaurants, retail stores, and directly to consumers.

It is a popular and fast-growing sector in the gardening industry these days. Herbs are used in soaps, candles, aromatherapy oils, cooking, teas, and alternative medicines.

The great thing about herbs is that they can be grown in relatively small spaces too, with just a few square feet to get you started.

Starting your own herb growing business won’t take you much time at all. In fact you can be on your way to earning profits—good profits—in under a month. 

10. Babysitting

Who doesn’t love kids? If you are good with kids, you can start providing babysitting services to the parents who want it for the babies while they are at work.

As long as there are parents who need a night off from their kids, there will be an opportunity to make money from babysitting. It’s a great small business because it can pay pretty well and you’re not restricted by set hours.

It’s one of those businesses that grow best by word of mouth, so if you start looking after a neighbor’s children, you could soon find yourself in high demand. Who knows, maybe your experience in babysitting could lead to running a fully-fledged child care service.

You can also start building a team that wants to provide the same service but doesn’t know how to start and then earn a commission when you refer your team members.

11. Tutor Students

Some people just love teaching, they really enjoy helping others learn. If that’s you and you have a good level of education, then why not share your knowledge and help a student learn?

Tutoring can be very fulfilling work, inspiring even. While you’ll obviously need to look into certifications, particularly if you are tutoring children, this can be a relatively simple business to start up.

best business ideas in the UK

You could approach schools in the area to find out whether there is a need for your service, and drum up some prospects.

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No matter what age group you decide to work with, you should work on a lesson plan that is not only relevant to the topic but that is also tailored to the individual student’s needs and learning capabilities.

You can tutor students in a group, one-to-one, and even remotely via the internet. There are even apps like Tutorme that can help you monetize your tutoring.

Besides apps, there are online platforms like Preply, where you can teach online on your schedule from anywhere. It offers a stable base of students from all over the world, secure payments, and constant customer care. Plus, you set your own hourly rate and can change it at any time.

12. Rent for the Travelers / Visitors

Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the UK’s economy. If you are open to different people from different cultures, you can start renting your home for a short period to these travelers/visitors and earn money from it. You don’t even need any initial investment for the same.

It can be a highly flexible way of working since you can pick and choose when to rent rooms and you can set your own rates. Most paying guests appreciate homes that are clean, inviting, and still offer privacy. If you also provide a great breakfast, it would add to the guest’s convenience and also to your profits.

It helps if your house is close to a popular tourist destination, as the demand will already be there. You just need to tap into it. Services like Airbnb are making running your own business from home easier than ever.

13. Garage Sale Every Month / Week

While garage sales are fun and exciting to organize, they are essentially business ventures and therefore must be treated as such. Bottom line, you must make sure that your garage sale will generate profit or it may be the last time you can hold one.

Products are the life of garage sales. No matter how great the atmosphere is, how friendly the sellers are if the products are undesirable and worthless, there is no way for your garage sale to succeed.

Collect items that you believe are going to sell. If possible, concentrate on a theme because this makes your garage sale more interesting. If most of the items you’re selling are antiques, you can advertise your sale with themes like “Back to the Past” or “Going Nostalgic”.

This business is not only one of the best business ideas in the UK but works everywhere around the world.

14. Handmade Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are big business. People need them for countless occasions. Not only do they send them to mark births, deaths, graduations and anniversaries, but they also send them just to add cheer to a loved one’s day.

Many people won’t even think about giving a gift unless there is a greeting card attached. If you have a unique idea for a line of greeting cards and artistic flair or even talent with the written word, you can start a home-based greeting card business.

While starting a handmade card business may seem like an attractive prospect and one that is relatively easy to do, starting a successful card-making business takes planning and research.

15. Customized Products Business

These days a lot of people chase customized products. They want customized t-shirts, bracelets, caps, hoodies, bags. The craze is so hyped that people even want customized bedsheets. So, why not start a business manufacturing customized products.

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best business ideas in the UK

You can set up this business online where people could choose or give you a design and you would then manufacture and print them on-demand. The price could be set a bit higher than usual products because customization calls for some extra charges. This business works well offline too and is one of the best business ideas in the UK in 2021.

Online Business Ideas in the UK

1. Start a Podcast

In a recent survey conducted by Edison Research, it was concluded that the number of people who tune into a weekly podcast has grown by a staggering 120% in the last four years. 

The key to making money from a podcast is to come up with a unique concept that will attract listeners. Podcasts can also be syndicated to YouTube where you can earn money from them by monetizing the videos. 

Alternatively, if you already create YouTube videos, you can easily take the audio and turn them into podcasts. 

Make sure to choose the best tool for podcasts to get your files uploaded to iTunes and other podcast directories.

2. Dropshipping

Do you have a knack for finding a bargain? Dropshipping is another way of earning some extra money without needing to reinvent the wheel. With the e-commerce market share climbing 295% in the next five years, now is an excellent time to jump into it.

The concept behind dropshipping is a simple one: source products from suppliers at a low price and sell them to consumers at a markup by using online tools such as Shopify. 

However, you agree with the supplier that when a customer orders a product, you will purchase the product from the supplier, and the supplier agrees to deliver the product to the customer. Here you are still selling the products without any inventory requirements.

Being a successful drop shipper requires a lot of research into current buying trends and consumer needs, but if you can crack the code and predict which items will be in demand, you can earn quite a pretty penny.

In terms of marketing, you can reach customers through standard digital marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, paid search marketing).

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by promoting other people’s products or services. You take a cut if a product/service is sold based on a customer you’ve referred through marketing activity.

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You can use affiliate marketing to generate a noteworthy income from a modest amount of work. In fact, for affiliate marketing to work, you simply need to weave the appropriate affiliate links into your blog posts. This makes it the perfect passive income stream to combine with blogging. 

To get started quickly you can work with Amazon Affiliate which offers a wide range of products.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants operate remotely and carry out all kinds of digital tasks for their busy clients. This includes everything from social media management to bookkeeping.

If you’re passionate about being organized and are an experienced administrator, this is a great home-based business idea. To get started, you can list yourself on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

best business ideas in the UK

Running your own home-based virtual assistant business can be quite lucrative, with some seasoned VAs reporting earnings in the region of $25 per hour.  Starting out as a virtual assistant doesn’t require large capital outlays.

5. Start Your Own Blog

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by starting your blog. Choose a profitable niche and share your hobbies, thoughts, and passions. Your blog doesn’t just have to include blog posts but can include regular web pages, sales pages, e-commerce, product pages, etc.

It’s pretty easy to make an extra $500 – $2,000 per month blogging in your first year. If you think blogging is more of a hobby than a serious business idea, think again. Quite a few bloggers are reporting six-figure annual earnings and this trend is set to grow year on year. 

The blogger earnings are also a result of experience gained over years in blogging. If there is any way to make money online sitting at home, blogging is the best way.

While not every blog is going to rake in heaps of cash, you can earn a good income with the right niche and a sprinkling of passion.

6. YouTuber / Vlogger

Popular YouTube stars make a ridiculous amount of money in advertising revenue. One viral video can lead to YouTubers becoming overnight stars and racking up huge amounts of revenue (YouTube averages pay-outs of £1,750 per 1 million views).

To get started, you’ll need to decide on the type of video content you’re going to produce, some of the most popular niches include health, lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

Many brands have also started paying YouTube stars directly for promoting products/services.

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It is advisable to follow YouTube’s guidelines when creating your videos, as well as investing in good editing tools, a decent camera and a microphone so that you can create high-quality videos that will keep your subscribers coming back for more.

7. Graphic Design

Graphic design can be a valuable source of revenue and it is perfect for remote workers or freelancers who want to earn extra income. 

Companies of all shapes and sizes are constantly on the lookout for graphic designers to design new logos, corporate images, or even help them to brand their products. 

You can create your own website and advertise your services or opt for websites to find clients. 

According to expert freelancer Hailey Lucas, the best way to become successful as a freelancer is to pick a profitable niche rather than trying to appeal to a mass market.

8. Social Media Manager

Social media is a large part of our daily lives and, therefore, it is also a powerful marketing tool for many businesses and entrepreneurs. 

As a social media manager, it is your job to get the message of the brand that you represent out via channels like Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. 

best business ideas in the UK

If you have enviable people skills and you know how to engage with potential customers, you could be earning a decent salary of around $50,000 per year in no time at all.

9. App Development Agency

Our smartphones are quickly taking over from traditional computers as the computing device of choice. As a result, the demand for application development and developers has never been higher. 

There are various ways of making money from app development but to build an app, you need to know how to code. 

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Luckily, this is a skill that you can teach yourself with the help of online courses, YouTube videos, and a lot of determination.

10. Content Writer

The internet revolves around content, so why not create some?

Creating content can provide a lucrative income. All you need to start your freelance writing business and land your first freelance client are creative writing skills, a computer, and an internet connection. 

According to, content creators earn around $40,000 per year, but experienced writers can earn six-figure annual salaries working from home.

11. Offer Online Lessons

The online education market has grown significantly in the last few years and it is predicted to reach a value of $350B by the end of 2025. 

The teaching of languages – specifically English as a second language (ESL) – is a great way to earn some extra money. It is definitely one of the best business ideas in the UK.

Most ESL instructors start their career off by working for an online school. Although this route doesn’t always pay very much, the odds look a lot better once you become an established ESL tutor and offer private lessons.

12. Write e-Books

Regardless of who you are, there is probably a book inside of you that’s screaming to get out. There are several platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform that has given thousands of people a chance to become published authors and earn money.

Not only can you sell ebooks on platforms like; but you can also sell ebooks directly from your website as well.

best business ideas in the UK

For many people, the idea of writing a book can be intimidating but keep in mind that if you are writing ebooks that you’re selling on your own website or publishing to Amazon Kindle you can write shorter books that are more focused on a specific niche or issue.

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13. Buy and Sell on eBay

eBay is a marketplace where you can buy and sell any new or second hands goods you could think of. Many fortunes have been made and continued to be made by savvy buyers and sellers on eBay.

Buying and selling on eBay is an art form. You can find many bargains and undervalued items and re-listing them on the platform can make you a decent profit.

You can also buy from other platforms (i.e. Alibaba) and resell on eBay to make a killing. Alternatively, if you lack the funds to buy inventory upfront, dropshipping (as discussed above) on eBay could be the better solution as you won’t need to purchase or hold stock.

Check this video out where Gary Vaynerchuk (Belarusian-American entrepreneur) buys products on garage-sale and lists them on eBay to make killing profits.

14. Transcription Service

Transcription is where you take audio files, listen and convert them into a written content. Businesses regularly use transcription services to convert audio and video to written content.

You’ll need good hearing, access to decent headphones and the ability to type accurately at speed. To get started, you can find transcription jobs on platforms like Mechanical Turk by Amazon.

Just listen to some audio and write every word down. There’s also a higher-priced market if you can translate foreign languages from audio to English.

15. Content Marketing

Content marketing is on track to be a $412B industry by 2021, which makes now the perfect time to turn your writing and marketing skills into a tidy income by becoming a content marketer. 

The main job of a content marketer is to build brand awareness for a specific company or brand by creating high-quality content that relates to the brand’s products or services. If you are good at writing, this may be the ideal online business opportunity for you. 

In order to be taken seriously as a professional, make sure you have proper systems and tools in place. 

Most Profitable Businesses in the UK

Here are some of the most successful small businesses in the UK that are very much specific to the region.

1. Wellness Center

There are several advantages to having your own business in this industry. First and foremost, you will be helping the people in your community. You’re improving the quality of people’s lives through your services, which is an amazing goal!

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A wellness center is an establishment where healing options are available for both the mind and body. They offer conventional as well as alternative therapies. The most popular alternative therapies are naturopathy, skincare, Ayurvedic massage, spa, gym, fitness center, magnetotherapy, color therapy, acupuncture, and other holistic modalities.

Wellness centers have now become an integral part of urban society due to the integrated healthcare solutions they provide and are a vital aspect of medical tourism.

2. Car Rental

Taxi and car rental service businesses are at their peak in almost every city as there are a lot of IT companies coming up. These companies are always on the look for cars on a rental basis for daily needs. 

Your business model is to get profit by renting cars to taxi drivers and the car rental services. There are a lot of car rental services that do not employ more money in vehicles and tend to lease them.

best business ideas in the UK

You can create an inventory of used cars of various models and rent them to companies and individuals. If you can spend more money, you can focus on trucks and small commercial vehicles which would yield more profit. Car rental can be one of the best business ideas in the UK.

If you have a car of your own, you can also tie-up with ride-hailing companies and make money. Companies like Uber and Ola provide an excellent money-making opportunity for car-owners.

3. Event Management and Wedding Photography

Family is everything, and friends are essential to a happy life. So, why not become a part of people’s celebrations with their loved ones, and help bring people together?

Starting from formal corporate parties to weddings, people are looking for efficient event managers. Do you have a strong network of caterers, decorators, chairs and other seating arrangement rentals, music orchestra, housekeeping services, etc?

You can start a profitable event management service. The capital required is very less as the finances would be handled by the host. Your success in this business depends on your networking skills and how well creative and organized your planning is.

If you have photography skills, starting a wedding photography business in the UK is surely going to get you big returns. This idea turns out to be one of the top best business ideas in the UK in 2021.

4. Interior Designer

Who doesn’t like a well-designed living home?

Most of us do and because of that, interior designers are often in demand. If you have a great sense of style and you know how to make any space look great, this may be the job for you.

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While starting out as a newbie in this field can be daunting, you can earn decent pay when you become an established designer and your client portfolio expands.

5. Online Wedding Planner

Do you love all things romance, follow the wedding trends, and pay attention to detail?

Starting a wedding planning business could be just the thing for you.

The event planning market’s having a moment right now, and roughly 66% of millennials are willing to employ wedding planners for their special day.

The global wedding industry is estimated to be worth $298 B and it is growing year on year, meaning that you could turn your planning skills into a lucrative business by becoming a wedding planner. No wonder why this is one of the best business ideas in the UK.

6. Create Custom Furniture

Custom-made furniture is currently in vogue and more and more people are looking for interesting furniture pieces that can add a unique sense of style to their home. 

The top requirements for this line of work are excellent woodworking skills, creativity, and an eye for detail.

best business ideas in the UK

To market this business, you’ll want to focus on local search advertising and content marketing to ensure your ranking for relevant keywords.

7. Trade-in Antiques

The antique trade is very broad and includes everything from bric-a-brac to fine art.

When you plan your new antique business it’s very important to research your market – how much demand there is and how well that demand is already being met.

You will need to make an estimate of the number of pieces that you are likely to sell in the year, based on the number of customers you hope to attract.

Much will depend on the nature of the business you are planning – if your stock is very expensive you may only need to sell a few pieces every month. If you plan to stock modestly priced bric-a-brac and collectibles you will need to sell many more items every month in order to generate enough income.

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8. Retail or Online Beauty Product Store

Beauty or cosmetic products have a great market in the UK. If you can start an online store and also provide delivery services for cosmetics, you can make a great deal out of it.

You can take a franchise of any particular brand which is popular or you can sell different beauty products from your online store.

The global cosmetics market size was valued at $380.2 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 5.3% from 2021 to 2027. Presently, cosmetics have become an indispensable feature of the modern lifestyle of individuals.

The above statistic clearly drives a point home that there is a lot of scopes to make money in this industry in spite of tough competition. And this idea stands out to be one of the best business ideas in the UK.

9. Organic Food Store

With the growing health consciousness, especially in the wake of COVID – 19, people are ready to buy organic products that are priced relatively higher than normal prices.

While opening your organic store, set the location of your store carefully. Set up at the place that attracts potential buyers. You can also set up an online store with free delivery services to increase your sales. You can sell fruits, vegetables, and groceries, etc.

10. Recycling

Did you know you can get paid for recycling other people’s rubbish?

If you’re considering starting up your own recycling operation, you should know that the business opportunities available are as wide-ranging and varied as the tons of stuff that we dispose of every day.

Every year, we generate around 1.3 billion tonnes of waste at a global level. This amount is likely to increase to 2.2 billion tonnes per year by 2025. This figure is projected to increase by 70% by 2050.

best business ideas in the UK

Hence, waste management or recycling has become a matter of grave concern across nations.

To start a recycling business, you’ll need to assess whether you want to focus on household or business waste and choose the right materials/products to recycle/resell for the highest return.

11. Gardening Company

If you’re considering starting a business and love the outdoors, you can make a good living as a home-based gardener. You may want to consider this career if you have a green thumb and enjoy working with plants and flowers.

Gardeners perform many tasks, including watering, trimming, raking, digging, planting, hoeing and leaf-blowing, to keep their customers’ homes and yards looking beautiful.

Although little or no experience is necessary, gardening can be developed into a full-time occupation, with plenty of demand for reliable, honest individuals. With so many homeowners struggling to manage busy schedules, you’ll have a continual demand for your services.

In addition, if you live in a region with changing seasons, you may want to hire workers to perform fall cleanup or even snow removal. Plus, some clients may need their greenhouse or office plants tended to year-round.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can earn between $18 and $20 an hour. This idea remains to be one of the best business ideas in the UK not only in 2021 but also in the years to come.

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12. Tour Guide

Thinking of starting a business in England’s £106bn tourism industry?

You can think of starting a tour guide business. This business opportunity demands adequate knowledge of historical information and local culture about the location where you are starting the business.

This is all about sharing information about the places to a group of people in an entertaining way. An aspiring start, living in a tourist place, having good communication skills can initiate this self-rewarding venture.

The average hourly wage in the UK for a tour guide is estimated to be $13 per hour and the average annual salary is $23,000.

13. Tattoo Artist

Dr. John Martin, a professor at London’s University College, once said, “Life depends on science but the arts make it worth living.” One of the most popular modern forms of expressing ourselves and sharing our love of art is through tattoos.

Tattoo artists turn their client’s visions into reality through the process of inserting pigment into the skin’s dermis with needles.

According to a report, 36 out of every 100 people in the UK at least one tattoo. In other words, we can say that more than one-third of UK’s population have tattoos!

So, it will be safe to say that you’ll never run out of customers by starting a tattoo shop business provided that you plan and market it successfully.

14. Juice Manufacturing Business

Starting a fruit juice production company is a profitable and lucrative venture. However, the business demands careful planning and substantial capital investment.

Fresh fruit juice is a popular item in the beverage industry compared to other packaged drinks. In addition, the consumption of packaged fruit juice is increasing rapidly.

best business ideas in the UK

Due to its ready-to-eat property, people prefer packaged fruit juice. Additionally, the global juice market is expected to witness significant growth in the recent future. It sounds like a dull idea but it is one of the best business ideas in the UK if started and operated properly.

15. Women Career Transitioning Service

Research suggests that there are approximately 3 million women in the UK alone that will need to transition their jobs into another field or career due to technological advances.

There is a large and disproportionate amount of men in the higher leadership roles in most companies, and most women are then stuck in the more administrative and repetitive roles that can easily be taken over by AI and computers in the coming years.

Because of this problem, it’s time that their businesses are started to help these women succeed and grow. If you have a passion for helping women, you could start the Women Career Transition Service, to help them find new careers.

This business would also be great because it will help narrow the gap from the number of men in high-level positions by getting more women in those positions. And it could also be run if you work full-time as your clients usually will too.


These are some of the best business ideas in the UK that we have curated for you.

Keep in mind that for many of these ideas that involve providing a service to others, you will want to ensure the legality and use a tool to create and manage contracts. This is not only so that you get paid, but also to avoid any legal issues that could arise. Once legalities are out of the way, you can focus on enjoying the process of starting and growing your own business.

Thanks for reading the post. If you have any other business ideas in your mind, write them down in the comment box below.

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