How Telegram Earns Money – Telegram Business Model

Telegram was created with a view to challenging the primacy of WhatsApp. It differs from the latter in allowing users to…

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Amazon Business Model – How Amazon Makes Money

Defining Amazon Business Model can be kind of a curious task, as we observe that this global trade giant increases its reach…

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CRED Business Model – How Does CRED Generate Revenue?

In this post, you will be reading about CRED’s business model and how CRED generates revenue. Credit cards have become…

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How a Sim Card Seller Went on to Build a $10 Billion Company

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, travel anywhere in India and one sign stares out at you from billboards, hoardings on the…

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Inshorts Business model – How Inshorts Makes Money

As we live in a busy world, we aim and hope to have everything in that little device in our…

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Marketing Strategy of Adidas – The Largest European Sportswear Manufacturer

The marketing strategy of Adidas is what makes the company stand out among its peers. Aside from American rival Nike, no other…

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From Tough Childhood to Beating the Odds – How Elon Musk Built an Empire?

Elon Musk’s story is worth reading. He is known for his wild ideas and bold claims. Elon Musk, a South…

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7 Psychological Marketing Tricks We All Fall For Every Time!

Marketing tricks are everywhere, from a small store to a hypermarket to an online shopping portal. To be successful in…

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UrbanClap(Now Urban Company) business model and revenue model

UrbanClap business model is one to learn a lot from for young entrepreneurs as the company has started from a…

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How does Zomato work-Business model and Revenue model

Food is the prime mover for anyone across the globe. Of course, there are many people who yearn for food…

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