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Cardano (ADA) & Debt Based Assets | Cardano Rumor Rundown #201

As we get closer to the launch of dApps on Cardano, it would probably be good to keep in mind the difference between equity based assets and debt based assets in relation to the creation of circulation credit in any economic system.


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0:00 Intro
0:45 PAB Pre-Release
2:06 Rep. Emmer & SEC Chair Gensler
6:44 The Securities Clarity Act
11:20 Crypto & Debt Based Assets
17:23 Commodity Credit vs. Circulation Credit


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  1. Another brilliant video from Army. Yeah, it’s like when gold was valued at 20.00 per Troy ounce in the 20’s. Then we increased to 50.00 per oz, effectively writing more receipts (fiat) for gold then there was gold. The beginning of the Ponzi. Why every fiat eventually fails. Mike Maloney great video on this. 140 years in 10 minutes I believe it’s called. Thanks Army🤟🏻😎

  2. Discovered your channel yesterday and knew I needed to sub on the first video. Very good quality content, thank you. Keep up the detailed output.

  3. Dude, im very impressed, now we getting into the real nuts and bolts of why we don't want wall street in crypto, but better to watch the rats burn. Futures ETF is bad news, just look at gold and silver suppression and paper manipulation of asset prices

  4. Ion really understand how circulation credit is bad.. if you’re locking up assets to loan to someone else and get paid a return, that’s a good thing. It’s a win win, you were able to earn a % on yo money and whoever your money was loaned to had the opportunity to make money either that money

  5. what about the idea of a D5 platform that let you self-custody your ADA, simply "mark" the assets as "lended" as soon as they are ? (false good idea, or solution for d5 temptation to lock your assets ?

  6. I have my doubts if any agency will be able to regulate crypto when the floodgates open, there will need to be a societal consensus, the problem is that the media is capable of constructing a evil crypto narrative and safety first

  7. What you've said about needing a brand new framework is absolutely true. It has always blown my mind to see regulators attempt to regulate never before seen technology with 80+ year old legislation. Reminds me of Facebook ultimately being unregulated because of the whole publisher/platform debate. It is a clear parallel to the regulatory crypto 'paradox' of now.

  8. I’m old enough to remember when they would send you stock certificates and you would then have true ownership, not “them.”

  9. I truly appreciate all the hard work you do to share the critical information with the world. You're really dedicated and very informative. Thank you for all your hard work. You're greatly appreciated.
    Much love Hodl.

  10. This is a good description of the Game Stop issue last year. The brokerages allowed hedge funds to create a larger short position that could be covered by the actual number of shares. When the Wall Street Bets group discovered this, they started securing as much of the actual shares as they could and left the hedge funds stuck with non-existent shares with which to attempt to cover positions when the price of the security started rising. Because actual shareholders did not have possession of those shares, many of the exchanges were able to artificially limit the damage that should have been done for taking those risky positions. Not your keys, not your crypto. Not your certificates, not your stocks.

  11. Very complex set of problems to unpick, great overview as always. Behind all of this is the fight over control, and a lot of people claiming to act in our best interests despite repeatedly demonstrating the opposite. Apparently both sides would like to see the consumer win! Congrats on the 200 episode milestone, it's been quality all the way.

  12. I dont want Wall street and how the finance work today to destroy crypto aspecially PoW, I dont want ETF´s and other Wall street finance "tools" BTC dont need institutions or hedge fonds or other worms…
    Btc is store of value "real store" of value that you owe, and a great payment system. ETH thou is a big NoNo… completely centralyzed bythe dictator NoNeckNoSpine Vitalik…

  13. 21:30 – just noticed Kevin Werbach in your follows – I did one of his MOOCs a few years back – good teacher. Didn’t know he was writing about Blockchain, I might check that out.

  14. The Crypto Cat's outta the bag, SEC has a legal minefield on their hands.
    The actual 'remit' is "The SEC’s long-standing tripartite mission—to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation—remains our touchstone"
    Can't be bothered finding the relevant Section in the Law.
    But that usually filters down in Exchange, Issuance and Advice rules.
    A positive from this is at least they are talking about it, which means they know any decision will impact their 'remit', so I dare say they'll tread lightly for now but still bang the drum loudly so everyone knows they're watching. (unless there's an event in the market)
    Free advertising for crypto is my opinion.
    Really interesting times.

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