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Axie Infinity Top Rank Gameplay – GOD MECH NEW META BUILD TEAM

Today, I’ll bring you more Axie Infinity Top Rank Gameplay with this new God Mech New Meta Build in Axie Infinity. This is my New Meta Team with a Mech Dusk Plant (different variant from Mech Mech Plant) and it was played in the top ranks (3000 MMR+) in Axie Infinity Season 19. This is the team that brought me to TOP 2000 and 1900 MMR and I’m still testing other midliners and tanks to use with my eggshell mech, which is probably the best mech in Axie Infinity right now!

I’ll show how to build it, how to play it and the strategy behind the team. This can fit any sort of budget, so you can either get a cheap version or an expensive one, your choice!

If you missed the full shopping guide on my TOP 1000 team check this out:

New BUDGET $600 version with 0 cost:

Today, I’ll be fighting some of the Season 19 Top Rank 1000 teams. This includes some matches against a Double Aqua Plant team, a Bird Mech, Plant team and a Double Discard Bug with a Pocky Aqua team and I’ll be using my new meta team build that focuses on Backdooring with the Furball and Twintail combo.

Watch the Gameplay and let me know what you think below!

Keep climbing the Ranks!

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Music used:
Vanze – Forever (feat. Brenton Mattheus) [NCS Release]

Please DO NOT depend on this to make financial decisions.

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Axie Infinity Top Rank Gameplay – GOD MECH NEW META BUILD TEAM


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