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My Quest End is a blog site dedicated to talking about money. Rather being a professional website, My Quest End strives to be a friendlier one. Everything about money is simplified and written for you to read and learn.

A little longer one

My name is Anvesh Renigunta and I am the face behind the My Quest End. Being an Engineer I have learned many things and writing is one among them. As Elon Musk said, “Do not confuse schooling with education. I did not go to Harvard but people that work for me did”. The traditional education system does not prepare us for life, let alone financial education.

In this hyper-competitive world, this blog of mine is an effort to share my knowledge with you. Feel free to read all the blogs and share it if you care sharing it.

Here is all what you will learn

Make Money

People often complain they do not have enough money to spend on whatever they like. Here you can learn a few passive ways to make you some extra bucks so that you can tick that one thing off in your bucket list.


There is an estimated 190 million companies and an estimated 30 million startups around the world. Fret not! In this blog you can read the interesting marketing stories, business models of the successful companies and success stories of a number of startups.

Finance 101

Financial education is the ability to understand how money works. It is the art of investing and managing money and the ability to make sound financial decisions. The blogs here can help you understand the basic financial things.

Money Matters

What good is learning about money when you cannot manage them. The blogs here can also help you with finance tips. You can also find some ways to improve yourself.
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